Mt Baker Rendering.jpeg
The Mt. Baker House is the perfect example of Plum Development's design approach.  We found an existing home that could not be saved - it was in deep disrepair and had significant issues from the foundation to the roof. With a clean slate and a wonderful neighborhood for inspiration we set to work. Our design offers a classic silhouette with modern sensibilities. The home shares traditional geometry with nearby houses while introducing modern elements on a modest footprint. This Tudor Revival is a new classic that will endure for generations. 

Plum Development builds homes and commercial spaces that meet the needs of Seattle’s future while respecting each neighborhood’s unique past.

Our projects adhere to a “warm modern” design aesthetic, feature abundant open spaces for gathering family and friends and are built with close attention to green building practices. Plum’s buildings appeal to a large target market, but we pride ourselves on bucking the “big box” trend. Instead, Plum buildings resonate with a neighborhood, strike a natural balance of indoor and outdoor space and provide a thoughtful and inspiring experience for occupants and observers alike.

If you have a property you are interested in selling and would like to see it developed in a thoughtful way we would love to hear from you.

We also welcome financial partners to our projects. If you are interested in diversifying your financial portfolio to include interest bearing investments, please be in touch with us. Plum Development offers a very compelling investment opportunity with a healthy mid-term return.